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At Municipal Data we offer all available municipal searches statewide. Our expert team provides searches for violations, certificates of occupancy, permits, applications and much more. On this page you will find the required search types for all your municipal needs.

  • check_circle_outline Certificate of Occupancy
  • check_circle_outline Housing and Building
  • check_circle_outline Fire Search
  • check_circle_outline Emergency Repair
  • check_circle_outline Emergency Repair Contin
  • check_circle_outline Oil Burner
  • check_circle_outline Highway Search
  • check_circle_outline Air Resources
  • check_circle_outline Street Report
  • check_circle_outline Health Search
  • check_circle_outline Survey Inspection
  • check_circle_outline ECB Search vs Premises
  • check_circle_outline Zoning Search
  • check_circle_outline Flood Zone
  • check_circle_outline Landmark Search
  • check_circle_outline Minor Alteration/Permit Search
  • check_circle_outline Resolved ECB Violation w/Open Penalties
  • check_circle_outline Sewer Search
  • check_circle_outline Emergency Repair Balance Due Letter

Tax services

Municipal Data provides tax services throughout the entire state of New York with unmatched turnaround time. We conduct not only tax, water and sewer searches but also tax lien payoffs, final meter bills, tax payments and much more.

  • check_circle_outline Tax Search
  • check_circle_outline Tax Contin
  • check_circle_outline Vault Tax
  • check_circle_outline Tax Lien Payoffs
  • check_circle_outline Tax History
  • check_circle_outline ECB violation Payoff
  • check_circle_outline Parking Violation Payoff
  • check_circle_outline Final Meter Reading
  • check_circle_outline Water/Common Lot Search
  • check_circle_outline Copy of Tax/Water Bill
  • check_circle_outline Tax & Water Payments
  • check_circle_outline Finance Refunds and Adjustments
  • check_circle_outline Property Tax Exemption Search
  • check_circle_outline Real Property Income/Expense Search

Name services

In addition to standard bankruptcy and patriot searches, Municipal Data also provides state-level name searches. Also, we can obtain certified copies of corporate documents.

  • check_circle_outline Bankruptcy Search
  • check_circle_outline Patriot Search
  • check_circle_outline State Level UCC Search
  • check_circle_outline Franchise Tax Search
  • check_circle_outline Certifictae of Good Standing
  • check_circle_outline Affidavit of Publication
  • check_circle_outline Article of Organization
  • check_circle_outline Certificate of Incorporation

Special services

Not only does Municipal Data provide the standard municipal and tax searches, but there are many special services offered as well, for any need that you might have.

  • check_circle_outline DHCR Report
  • check_circle_outline Copy of Plans/Building Investigation
  • check_circle_outline Copy of Final Survey
  • check_circle_outline Copy of Assessor's Card
  • check_circle_outline Copies of Violations
  • check_circle_outline Miscellaneous Request

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